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Andy Parks | Professor

Andy is a strong believer in the role that emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and organization awareness play in personal, leadership, and career success. Andy enjoyed a 30-year career in the consumer products industry working for companies such as Pfizer, Diageo, and eventually The Coca-Cola Company where he retired in 2017. Throughout his career, Andy had the opportunity to lead teams in the sales, field marketing, category management, and global customer development departments. Halfway through his career, he became an avid study of emotional intelligence and mindfulness; in what he calls "the turning point," he began to incorporate both in his professional and personal life. Andy's passion is to teach others how emotional intelligence, compassion, and corporate America can co-exist and complement each other.

Liz Fifield | TA Leader

Liz is a Talent Acquisition Leader with more than 7 years of experience in the talent acquisition and recruiting space. Liz's passion is around building diversity and inclusion in corporate America through developing compassionate leaders. Liz believes that self-awareness and self-management are the building blocks for a successful career and can be applied to every step of the job search and advancement process. She coaches individuals to leverage their emotional intelligence skills to successfully navigate through a hiring process, integrate into a company's culture then develop and communicate career goals.

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EQ4Pros began with a shared vision and passion for building mindful leaders who create high-performing, compassionate, diverse, and self-aware teams. We saw a need for more emotionally intelligent leaders. It made us wonder, "How can we change this?" Although we didn't know the answer then, it came to us later. Andy, as a Global Marketing Executive, has often said that his career and life got so much better when he discovered emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

The EQ4Pros team have worked together for years and formed a close working relationship and friendship. Over the past few years, many conversations ensued on the benefits of mindfulness based leadership and how compassion can be integrated into corporate America.

In 2019, the team decided to embark on a journey to create a suite of emotional intelligence based programs that could be taught to students and professionals alike.

In the summer of 2020, our flagship program "Emotional Intelligence for Professionals" which took over one year to develop was launched at Central Washington University. There are now a suite of programs and courses now to suit your needs and budget.

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