Begin leading from a place of insight versus reaction.

Building mindful leaders worldwide that in turn create high-performing, self-aware, compassionate, and diverse workplaces. Our Emotional Intelligence training programs are focused on skills training and leadership behaviors.

Emotional Intelligence is now considered the most important skill of the 21st century, particularly for Leaders, and the greatest predictor of personal and organizational success. At its core, Emotional Intelligence is grounded in understanding yourself at a deep level and using that understanding to guide and manage your actions and behaviors.  People who incorporate Emotional Intelligence in their professional lives report a higher level of personal effectiveness and career satisfaction.

The course is co-facilitated by two industry experts that each bring their unique and diverse backgrounds to the classroom providing a fully integrated learning experience.

You should consider our training......if you answer yes to one or more of the following:

  • Know that you have blind-spots but you're not sure how to handle them
  • Have you been told that you need to work on your "Leadership Style"
  • Have trouble accepting and responding to negative feedback from managers and/or peers
  • Struggle with controlling or suppressing your emotional triggers, including rumination and going into fight or flight mode
  • Desire to manage yourself from a position of insight versus reaction 
  • Put yourself in victim mode when things don't go smoothly in the workplace
  • Cannot set and maintain appropriate boundaries at work
  • Are easily influenced by others and change your decisions based on the opinions of others
  • Want to create a positive professional impression on others, either through social media or in job interviews
  • Feel you have trouble building and maintaining strong personal connections with your peers and co-workers
  • Don't trust yourself or the decisions you make when at work
  • Don't trust yourself or the decisions you make when at work
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What you will learn

  • How to re-frame negative situations into strong learning experiences, and managing your behavior
  • Emotionally intelligent communication skills and word choice, and a process to strategically plan effective and influential business conversations that improve personal relationships
  • Refining your core values, and the skills necessary to create a strong personal brand that is rooted in authenticity
  • How to use mindfulness and contemplation can be used as sustaining practices to keep growing in Emotional Intelligence, long after the course is over
  • Various types of blind-spots and how to effectively manage them, your feelings, and behavior, from a place of self-awareness
  • How to use feedback as a tool to accelerate your personal and career growth
  • Grounding in the latest science and research so you can build emotionally intelligent teams and deliver training programs at your workplace

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